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"Our quality defines us"

MD Sanitary Equipement is a company located in Huelva (Spain), which currently works with international suppliers to send high-quality personal protective equipment and material, as well as prevention, control and health surveillance equipment for personnel in companies and health services.


Our products have European certification and have the highest quality standards ta

in the production of origin as in the homologation in Europe.

About us

What we offer

We are a company that has its own delegation in China with its own workers, importing without the intermediation of any supplier, any type of product that is needed in the national territory, which allows us great competition in the market, offering services and products high quality at very competitive prices.

All our products have the relevant certifications, those of origin from the Chinese government, those required in Europe ( CE Certificate ) and also the American ones ( FDA Certificate ).

Our clients are benefited by their requests, since our company takes care of all customs procedures, tariffs, payments for national and international transport, that is, the price we provide is already set in the place they demand.

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